Blount Home Education Association (BHEA) Blount Home Education Association (BHEA) Blount Home Education Association (BHEA) Blount Home Education Association (BHEA) Blount Home Education Association (BHEA) Blount Home Education Association (BHEA)

Click here for 2024 Spring Semester Enrichment Program Signup Info for November 30, 2023

Click here to see the 2024 Spring Enrichment Session Schedule


What is BHEA?

Blount Home Education Association (BHEA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support, information, and encouragement to homeschooling families in Blount and surrounding counties. 

For over 35 years, BHEA has offered so much more than a co-op! We offer community.

We operate solely with the help of many parent volunteers and have worked hard to keep our Membership Fees low. It is currently $30 per family, per year. In addition to an extensive, but optional Enrichment program for all grades (Pre-K to 12), BHEA sponsors various clubs, field trips, high school awards and honors, and other activities throughout the school year to enhance the academic program that each participating family provides at home. We offer a wide array of social events for all ages, as well. Check our calendar at the lefthand menu to get an idea of the types of things our leaders and members organize (keep in mind that some things are kept behind the password for the privacy and security of our families). We consider it a privilege to serve and support fellow families in their homeschool journey. 

Do you have questions about BHEA? Contact Susan Barlow, our Membership Coordinator, at [email protected]

Important News about Spring Semester Enrichment Sessions

The Spring Enrichment Session Schedule has been released! Click here to see all the learning adventures that await your children on Mondays!  

AnchorSignups for our Spring Enrichment Program begin: November 30 

We stagger our signup times on Initial Signup Day by grade level to avoid crashing the system and to ensure that seniors get those last crucial sessions they may need for graduation. That schedule is posted below. In order to be able to sign up at your designated time on November 30, you must complete these three steps by midnight on November 28:

1.) Join or renew your BHEA membership and pay the $30 Membership Fee. Make sure each of your children's grade level is correct within your profile. 
2.) Register by submitting the Enrichment Registration form, 
3.) and pay the $50 Enrichment fee.

****If you participated in fall Enrichment sessions, you are registered for the spring semester and need only to sign up for sessions that are not continuing from fall into spring.****

Sign-up schedule for Thursday, November 30:*

9:00 am - FWC positions open for everyone
9:00 am - Seniors
9:30 am - Juniors
10:00 am - Sophomores and Freshman
10:30 am - Sessions listed as "Mixed Grades”
11:00 am - 6th-8th grade
11:30 am - 3rd-5th grade
12:00 pm - Kindergarten-2nd grade
12:30 pm - Pre-K

* Signups will remain open for those sessions that still have space until the second week of Enrichment meetings. Find the Enrichment Calendar here

Payment Deadline for Sessions to individual instructors: January 5.

Benefits of Membership
How to request membership in BHEA
How to renew your membership with BHEA (login required)
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A sampling of what's happening at BHEA - log in to see more!

High School Christmas Party
Thursday, December 7
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Knot King Challenge!
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
K - 5 Christmas Party
December 13 - Wednesday
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM