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Overview & Registration

Overview of the Enrichment Program

The BHEA Enrichment Program is literally designed to enrich the education that each family provides for their children at home. We are not here to educate your children for you, but to partner with you as you do so. You, the parents, are responsible for your students and their behavior. 

The BHEA Enrichment Program is open to all BHEA members. The preschool and K-8th grade program meets on Mondays. The high school program primarily meets on Wednesdays. Exceptions to this are some high school sessions that meet twice within a week and others held off-site. 

There is an Enrichment Program fee of $25 per family, per semester or $40 for both Fall & Spring semesters. This fee is in addition to your BHEA membership fee ($20 per year) and helps to cover the cost of the facility and other expenses. This fee  only applies if you are participating in our optional Enrichment sessions. Please do not pay this amount if you are joining BHEA after January 22, 2018. There are also per session fees (paid directly to the instructor) which are listed with the descriptions.

Our program requires a very reasonable minimum family service contribution, based on the number of hours your family participates.  Most parents easily fulfill this while their child(ren) are in sessions by working in various areas as hall monitors, lunch set-up staff, nursery workers, etc. 

You can view the sessions we offer by selecting "Enrichment Schedule Spring 2018" under the "Enrichment Program " tab on the menu. These change from semester to semester, but the core offerings are usually quite similar. You can see the dates that we meet here

Questions about the Enrichment program? Email us at

To sign up for individual Enrichment sessions, those who are *new* to the Enrichment Program for 2017-18 must:

1. Be or become a member of BHEA ($20, non-refundable). You will need to find the "Join" option on the menu at the very top of the homepage. Please make note of the user name and password you create. This will become your permanent login and will be needed in the next step. If you experience problems with the website or form, contact If you experience problems with your payment, email

2. Submit the Enrichment Program Registration form and pay your Enrichment Program fee of $25, which you will be prompted to do after reading and clicking through the forms.  Important: This registration fee is different from the $20 per family membership fee to our organization - please follow the special payment instructions below. 

  • If you are paying your fees with a business PayPal account or under a PayPal account with a different name from that which BHEA has on file, please include a note in PayPal indicating the complete family name to whom it should be credited. (Ex. Jane & John Smith family.)
  • Also, please do not fill out and submit your Enrichment Program Registration form until you are ready to pay the Enrichment Program fee. Both need to be completed and submitted at the same time for ease of record keeping. 

If you experience problems with your payment, email

3. You are now ready for sign-ups. Begin selecting your individual sessions. You will do this by logging in to our website and then  selecting "Enrichment Schedule Spring 2018" under the "Enrichment Program " tab. Click on the session you are interested in, read and understand the details, and put an 'x' by the name of the child you wish to add (the names and boxes will appear to the right on the purple pop-up). Next, you must sign up for your minimum service contribution (feel free to sign up for more than the minimum!). Questions about this step should be emailed to the Enrichment Team at

4. Sign up for your minimum service contribution by scrolling down to the bottom of the "Enrichment Schedule Spring 2018" page. You will see options for Monday and for Wednesday. If you have children involved in sessions on both days, please select a service position on Monday, as there is a greater need. Your session selection will not be complete until you have completed this step. If your family takes under 5 sessions, your minimum is one service position. If your family cumulatively takes more, you will need to select two. Questions about this step should be emailed to the Enrichment Team at

5. Attend one of our prerequisite informational meetings about the program. If you are signing up after January 8, you must set up an individual meeting by emailing

6. Pay for your individual sessions. Each individual instructor will send you instructions on how best to do this. If you have questions about this step, please email the individual instructor/s. You can find their contact info by clicking on the sessions you have selected or by referring to the Membership Directory, found on the main menu (you must be logged in to see it). 

Following these steps will secure your space in the sessions you've selected. Regretfully, your child’s space cannot be held if any of these conditions are not met.

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