Upcoming Events

Hiking Club: Mouse Creek & Midnight Hole
Tuesday, July 26th
11:00 AM
BHEA Kickoff 2016-17
August 09, 2016
06:30 PM
Enrichment High School Classes
Enrichment High School Classes
09:00 AM
Cub Scout Potluck Picnic at the Park
Tuesday, August 16
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Welcome to the new BHEA website!

BHEA is a non-profit organization for independent homeschooling families. BHEA was formed in the late 1980s to encourage successful home education in Blount County. The organization, which operates with the help of many parent volunteers, provides support, information and encouragement to over 375 homeschooling families. BHEA sponsors many activities throughout the school year to enhance the educational program that each participating family provides at home.

Blount Home Education Association was started by homeschooling families FOR homeschooling families.  When BHEA was started in the 1980's, home educating your own children was not a popular choice.  Now home education is gaining popularity and has become a much more accepted way to educate children.  According to the most recent research, statistics show that there are currently over 2 million children being educated at home.  The purpose and mission of BHEA is to support homeschooling families in Blount and surrounding counties.  If you are using Safari browser on a Mac you may want to switch to Chriome or other browser.  The website forms, such as the joining form, are not supported on some older versions of Safari.  If you continue to have a problem with the forms, please email directors@bhea.net for assistance.

To request membership in BHEA please select Join at the top of the page. The cost for BHEA membership is $20 per family per year.

If you have a problem completing the forms, please email webmaster@bhea.net for assistance.

yesEnrichment Class sign-ups open Wednesday, July 27!! smiley