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Welcome to BHEA! We are so glad you found us! Please take a look at the following before requesting membership to be sure that we are the group for you.

BHEA is a non-profit Christian organization started by homeschooling families for homeschooling families in 1987 to encourage successful home education. The organization, which is solely operated by member parents,  provides support, information and encouragement to over 475 homeschooling families in Blount and surrounding counties. BHEA sponsors many activities throughout the school year to enhance the educational program that each participating family provides at home.

The purpose and mission of BHEA is to support homeschooling families in Blount and surrounding counties in a way that benefits the whole family. BHEA provides opportunities for homeschooling families to learn from each other. One of the greatest benefits of a homeschool support group is the information that you can share with fellow homeschooling families, from field trip suggestions to curriculum reviews. BHEA also strives to reach out to families and minister to them when they are in need. Making the decision to homeschool can be intimidating, and BHEA is here to help you and your family adjust to the changes.  

Since BHEA is an all-volunteer organization, the contributions of member time and talents are vital to its success. We ask that each member family volunteer in some capacity. Bonus: Volunteering is the best way to get to know other members. 

We are a Christian organization and welcome ALL homeschooling families regardless of religion to join us on this journey. We pray that you will find encouragement and blessings through your membership.

We look forward to meeting you!

All members are responsible for reading and adhering to BHEA policies as defined in the BHEA Handbook. Please download a copy to read and keep as a reference for when you have questions about how things work.

Still not sure? Here is a list of BHEA benefits available to member families.

Annual Family Membership Fee

Our Family Membership Fee is $25 for the 2019-20 academic year. This covers your household* from June 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020. This fee is non-refundable.

* Extended family members living in a different household must join separately.  

Please keep the following in mind as you complete the Application for Membership:

1. Secondary Name: Please use this for spouse. You may also leave blank.

2. Additional Email Address: Please use this for additional parental emails, not students. It is for BHEA adult communication.

3. Alumni only or Teacher only: "Aumni" means you have or your child has graduated from BHEA while a member in good standing. "Teacher" in this context means you are NOT currently homeschooling ANY children, but are a preapproved Enrichment instructor.) When you get to the yellow section to enter child data, click on the  red "X" in the right corner. This will make all of the child data fields disappear.

4. Privacy: The Membership Directory is only visible to our logged-in members. We encourage you to include your family in the Directory. This is not public to anyone outside of BHEA, but is a wonderful tool for building community! (You will be given this option below.)

5. Forum emails: Our Forums are a great place to communicate within our membership, to receive information about field trips, classes, and more. (You will be given the option to choose which forums you wish to receive notifications from below.)

6. Sections: Please select all that apply to your family. Checking the appropriate section(s) allows for customized communication from us, so that you only receive information that is relevant to you.

Please make note of the user name and password you will create below. These will become your permanent login credentials. 


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Additional Questions:


As a Christian organization, BHEA is committed to positively encouraging our students to reach their God-given potential. Whether you teach or assist an enrichment class, coach a team, care for children in the nursery, or lead students in any way, BHEA expects leaders to treat children with the utmost respect and care. The following are some guiding principles required as a leader within BHEA: 

• Inspire and uplift our children to moral and academic excellence through positive, encouraging words and attitudes. 

• Recognize individual strengths and weaknesses. Affirm strengths and use positive feedback to address weaknesses. 

• Seek to identify each student’s unique potential and endeavor to help him grow and learn. 

• Remember that each child entrusted to our leadership is never to be spoken to in a harsh manner, demeaned or belittled in any way. Rather, we are to build them up and motivate them through love, kindness and patience.

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