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Overview & How to Register


Watch for information on BHEA's Fall 2021 Enrichment Program starting in late Spring!

What is the Enrichment Program? The BHEA Enrichment Program is literally designed to enrich the education that each family provides for their children at home. We are not here to educate your children for you, but to partner with you as you do so. You, the parents, are responsible for your students, their education, and their behavior. You are not required to take part in the Enrichment program, either by state law or by any requirement of your membership with BHEA. Roughly one-half of our membership takes part in Enrichment sessions, so there is no pressure.

Can I drop my kids off at BHEA's Enrichment Program? No, not unless your child is over 16, can drive him/herself, and meets other requirements. 

Who is involved in Enrichment and how do they qualify? The BHEA Enrichment Program is open to all BHEA members in good standing. 

When does the Enrichment program occur? Our Enrichment program consists of 10 to 14 week semesters in both Fall and Spring. 

How much does this cost? There is typically an Enrichment Program Registration Fee of $50 per family, plus fees that go to the individual instructor. Each semester brings slightly different offerings, but you can get a general idea of the pricing structure by viewing current session listings

What sessions are being offered this year? For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, we moved those sessions that we could from our central location to small off-site groups or online, using various platforms. We hope to be able to resume as close to normal as possible in the Fall 2021 semester. You can find the listing of Spring 2021 sessions here

When can I register for the Enrichment Program? You may register for the Enrichment Program during the membership joining and renewing cycle, usually beginning in May. 

How to sign up for sessions

We will release this information soon. 

Still have questions? We understand! So do we! Our activities have been greatly affected by the pandemic and it has been quite a challenge to try to anticipate what will work and when. Please know that we are doing the best we can and we really do appreciate your patience as we try to navigate the changing conditions. Email us at