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Overview & How to Register

The BHEA Enrichment Program is designed to literally enrich the education that each family provides for their children at home. We are not here to educate your children for you, but to partner with you as you do so. You, the parents, are responsible for your students, their education, and their behavior. You are not required to take part in the Enrichment program, either by state law or by any requirement of your membership with BHEA. Roughly one-half of our membership takes part in Enrichment sessions, so there is no pressure.

While in session, the BHEA Enrichment Program is open to all BHEA members in good standing who have registered and paid the Family Enrichment Program Registration fee, signed up for individual sessions well in advance, selected the appropriate number of service hours, and attended a prerequisite informational meeting about how the program works. The preschool through 8th grade program meets on Mondays. Some middle school and all high school sessions meet on Wednesdays. Exceptions to this are some high school sessions that meet twice within a week and others that are held off-site. 

For the academic year 2018-19, the Family Enrichment Program Registration fee is $50, regardless of how many children in your household* you are registering. (*Extended family living in a different household must pay separate membership and Enrichment Program Registration fees.) It covers both semesters, and is not prorated. This  Enrichment Program Registration fee is in addition to your BHEA Family Membership fee ($25 per year) and helps to cover the cost of the facility and other expenses specific to the program. This fee only applies if you are participating in Enrichment sessions. Please do not pay this amount if you are not planning to take part. Be aware that there are also additional fees paid directly to the instructor for the sessions you select. You will find those fees and other important information by clicking on the name of the session and accessing the individual descriptions on the Enrichment Session Schedule.

Our program requires a very reasonable minimum family service contribution, based on the number of hours and days your family participates. The current formula is one hour of service for every four hours of sessions your children are signed up for, per Enrichment Day that you are participating in (Monday or Wednesday). Most parents easily fulfill this while their child(ren) are in sessions by working in various areas as hall monitors, lunch set-up staff, nursery workers, etc. Returning participants please note: You must select and sign up for a service contribution anew each semester. 

See our Enrichment Guidelines here or find them near the back of the BHEA Handbook.

Registration & Signup Schedule for Fall 2019 

  • Registration for the Enrichment program is now open to members.
  • The date of signups will be announced soon. See details below. 
  • The individual session payment deadline is two weeks prior to the first session meeting. 
  • The date for the prerequisite informational meeting for those participating for the first time is yet to be announced. 
  • First session meeting is September 9 for Monday Enrichment and August 21 for Wednesday Enrichment. 

Signup Timetable and Instructions 

Sign-up times are staggered to accommodate families with multiple children in different age ranges, and to avoid overloading the website all at one time. In preparation for signups, please be sure that you have updated your family profile (especially the appropriate grade levels) to ensure that you are able to sign up at the appropriate times.

Timetable for Initial Signups:

9:00 am - Seniors/ALL SERVICE POSITIONS OPEN (page down below the schedule to interact with these) **To be an instructor assistant you sign up when that session opens by grade.**

9:30 am -  Juniors

10:00 am - Sophomores and Freshman

10:30 am - Sessions listed as "Mixed Grades" on the website

11:00 am - 6th-8th grade

11:30 am - 3rd-5th grade

12:00 pm - Kindergarten-2nd grade

12:30 pm - Pre-K


Session Selection - Plan to be logged in to the BHEA website shortly before your start time. When it is time to register for your grade level or section, select the session from the schedule page and place a check in the box next to the child/ren you wish to register and click the "register" button. If you check the box but do not click "register" your child will not be placed in the session. You will see a box pop up that either reads "Registration Successful" or "Your child has been placed on a wait list" if the session is full. 

Service Position Selection - Once you have signed up your child/ren for sessions, you will need to register yourself for your service position/s. ALL service positions open at 9 a.m., so you can sign up for those at any point in this process. Please remember that if you are enrolling in more than 4 total sessions for your family that you need to sign up for two service positions. Carefully read the description before signing up for a position so that you are aware of any special requirements for that position. For example, some require a lot of walking and others are not appropriate to do with small children. At the end, you can verify your schedule by clicking on your "spring schedule summary" in the upper right hand corner of the schedule page.


Where can I sign up for a session marked "offsite"? Offsite sessions sign ups are done directly through the instructors and not on the BHEA website.

How can I know for sure whether I've already paid the $50 Enrichment Registration Fee? 
If you participated in Fall Enrichment, you have definitely already paid the fee. If you did not participate, but think you might have paid the fee, please contact us at or  

If I am signing up to participate in Enrichment for the spring only, why is the fee still $50? 
Our Enrichment Registration Fee covers you for the whole year, and is not prorated. It is the same amount whether you participate in both semesters, or only one. 

Still have questions? Email us at