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BHEA's Dress Code for 2023-2024

BHEA recognizes the diversity of beliefs within our membership and, out of a desire to be considerate of all, has developed a minimum standard for dress commensurate with that of area schools. The following policy applies to dress for all members – both parents and children - and their guests at any BHEA event.

Violations of the dress policy are to be corrected immediately or you may be asked to leave the event. Membership privileges will be reviewed for those who are repeatedly asked to leave events.

For all of BHEA's activities, including Enrichment Days, Club meetings, Field Trips, and on any occasion in which a student or parent represents BHEA at an outside event: 

  • In general, clothing should completely cover the body from armpits to mid-thighs (fingertip length when hands are at rest by sides).
  • No midriff should show, even while raising arms or bending over.
  • Sleeveless shirts should have straps at least 2 fingers wide.
  • Please carefully select t-shirts appropriate to our group's Christ-centered beliefs.
  • Skirts should be no shorter than 2 inches above knees.
  • Any holes in clothing (such as jeans) should not be any higher than fingertip length (see above).
  • If leggings are worn, they should be opaque. Tops worn with leggings should not be form-fitting and should be of a length to cover to the upper thigh, all the way around.
  • Underwear should be worn, but not seen.
  • Extreme fashions are not appropriate at BHEA functions.
  • Swimwear should be limited to one-piece suits or tankinis for girls and swim trunks for boys.

BHEA-sponsored athletic events (such as Cross Country or Field Day):  Appropriate athletic wear, including
sports shorts that provide adequate, coverage may be worn. 

Dances: We have special dress codes for our dances, and they are slightly different for regular dances than for the Spring Formal. You will find this information in the calendar descriptions and e-alerts for each specific event. Please do not purchase any clothing for the dances before reading the applicable code in its entirety.

Halloween: In recognition of the diversity of beliefs and traditions within the Christian community about Halloween and its observance, we respectfully request that there be NO costumes or clothing with Halloween symbols worn to any BHEA event, including Enrichment Days. We thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions about the Dress Code Policy, please contact the BHEA Board of Directors at [email protected]