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Dress Code

BHEA recognizes the diversity of beliefs within our membership and, out of a desire to be considerate of all, has developed a minimum standard for dress commensurate with that of area schools. We have adopted the following policy concerning dress for all members and their guests at any BHEA event.

Extreme fashions are not appropriate for BHEA functions.

• The wearing of hats is based on the beliefs of our host facilities. Religious or special classroom use excepted.

Shirts must cover the entire torso. (No midriff or cleavage should be showing.)

Shorts should be longer than your longest finger when hands are to your sides.

Skirts should be no shorter than 2” above the knee. If leggings (not tights) are worn, skirts should be longer than your longest finger when hands are to your sides (approved shorts length).

• Clothing must not be form fitting (bike shorts, tight tops, etc.).

Underwear should not be seen.

• Please carefully select T-shirts appropriate to our group’s Christ-centered beliefs.

Sleeveless tops must be modest and meet the above criteria concerning shirts, underwear, etc. (No spaghetti straps or halters. Shoulder straps should be at least three-fingers wide.)

• Proper swimwear should be MODEST — one-piece suits or tankinis for girls and swim trunks for boys.

• Special note on the Spring Formal: A separate dress policy will be distributed each year for this event. Please request a copy and review it prior to purchasing your formal wear.

Halloween: In recognition of the diversity of beliefs and traditions within the Christian community about Halloween and its observance, we respectfully request that there be NO costumes or clothing with Halloween symbols worn to any BHEA event, including Enrichment Days. We thank you for your understanding.

Violations of the dress policy are to be corrected immediately or you will be asked to leave the event. Membership privileges will be reviewed for those who are repeatedly asked to leave events.