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Field Trips

Anyone can arrange a field trip. They are easy to set up, but do require some planning and organization. 

  1. Decide: Decide exactly what you want to happen at the field trip, the age group to which you want to gear the trip, and when you can attend the trip. Have two or three dates in mind so that you can be somewhat flexible in the event your first date isn't possible for the organization you wish to visit. If you arrange a field trip, please plan on attending the field trip so that you can help be sure that everything goes smoothly.
  2. Contact: Arrange the field trip with the organization you wish to visit. Go to and submit the field trip information. You will need to include the event, age group, date, time, cost and your contact information. Be sure to include your email and telephone number for questions. Things to include are the cost of the trip and who needs to pay--everyone, just the children over a certain age, or parents and children over a certain age. Include any deadlines for signup and registration/payment information. Find out if babies and toddlers are welcomed. Find out if strollers are allowed. Ask if there are restroom facilities available. Find out where to park and where to meet. Get directions.  Once your information is submitted, it will be sent to the Activities Coordinator for approval. The Activities Coordinator will approve or reject the field trip via the web site.
  3. Plan and Announce: Once the field trip has been approved, it will appear on the calendar. You may announce the field trip and encourage participation as needed. 
  4. Enjoy: As field trip coordinator you should arrive at the field trip location a couple of minutes before you expect the rest of the attendees. Keep track of who has arrived so that you know when everyone is present. Remind the children of the proper behavior for the field trip. Remind children to thank the field trip guide when the field trip is finished.  
  5. Thank: Write a thank you note to the field trip guide. It's a good idea to have a thank you card with you on the day of the field trip and have the children sign it while waiting for the field trip to begin. Mail the card when you leave the field trip.