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Enrichment Program Refund Policy

Voluntary Withdrawals

If a parent voluntarily withdraws a student from a session prior to the beginning of the second meeting of that session, the parent shall be given a refund of the session fee, less expenses of the instructor. This amount will be determined at the discretion of the instructor.

If the student is withdrawn from the session after the beginning of the second meeting, no refund should be expected. 

While we encourage parents to speak with instructors before removing their child from any sessions, please be advised that parents must themselves log in and manually drop the session or sessions from their family schedule. This is not the responsibility of the instructor.

Enrichment Program Registration Fee

Families may also request a refund of their Enrichment Program Registration Fee ($50) after manually dropping each child's session or sessions from the family schedule and contacting the BHEA Treasurer prior to the beginning of the second meeting of any sessions. Contact the BHEA Treasurer at [email protected].

In the Event of a Program Cancellation

In the event BHEA must cancel the semester for reasons beyond its control - as determined by its board of directors - the percentage of completed session meetings will have an impact in determining whether there is a refund, as well as the amount of the refund. Also, please note that the only instructors who can issue refunds are those who do NOT have the ability to continue their sessions in some way and have funds remaining after purchasing supplies. If the semester is cancelled on or following 11 of the 14 session meetings for Monday sessions, there will be no refund. For Wednesday sessions, if the cancellation occurs on or following 7 of the 10 session meetings, there will be no refund given.

Plans for How to End Sessions After an Unavoidable Program Cancellation

Because of the uncertainty of the times we are living in, our instructors have been asked to develop transparent contingency plans so that you can have some idea of what to expect should a cancellation have to occur. You will find each instructor’s individual plans for finishing or ending the semester within his or her session description. Examples of plans that could be implemented include, but are not limited to, Zoom calls, weekly email with assignments and/or educational links, Google classroom, pick-up or delivery of assignments/activities, etc. Please evaluate this information before making your session selections.

 BHEA's Family Membership Fee of $25 is not refundable.