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Click here for 2024 Spring Semester Enrichment Program Signup Info for November 30, 2023

Click here to see the 2024 Spring Enrichment Session Schedule


Exciting News About Our Spring Semester!

See the 2024 Spring Enrichment Session Schedule here

AnchorSignups for our Spring Enrichment Program begin: November 30 

We stagger our signup times on Initial Signup Day by grade level to avoid crashing the system and to ensure that seniors get those last crucial sessions they may need for graduation. That schedule is posted below. In order to be able to sign up at your designated time on November 30, you must complete these three steps by midnight on November 28:

1.) Join or renew your BHEA membership and pay the $30 Membership Fee. Make sure each of your children's grade level is correct within your profile. 
2.) Register by submitting the Enrichment Registration form, 
3.) and pay the $50 Enrichment fee.

****If you participated in fall Enrichment sessions, you are registered for the spring semester and need only to sign up for sessions that are not continuing from fall into spring.****

Sign-up schedule for Thursday, November 30:*

9:00 am - FWC positions open for everyone
9:00 am - Seniors
9:30 am - Juniors
10:00 am - Sophomores and Freshman
10:30 am - Sessions listed as "Mixed Grades”
11:00 am - 6th-8th grade
11:30 am - 3rd-5th grade
12:00 pm - Kindergarten-2nd grade
12:30 pm - Pre-K

* Signups will remain open for those sessions that still have space until the second week of Enrichment meetings. Find the Enrichment Calendar here

Payment Deadline for Sessions to individual instructors: January 5.

What is the Enrichment Program?

Our optional BHEA Enrichment Program is literally designed to enrich the education that each family provides for their children at home. We are not here to educate your children for you, but to partner with you as you do so. You, the parents, are responsible for your students, their education, and their behavior. You are not required to take part in the Enrichment program, either by state law or by any requirement of your membership with BHEA. Roughly one-half of our membership takes part in Enrichment sessions, so there is no pressure. All sessions, from preK to grade 12 are instructed on Mondays. 

When do Sessions begin?

You can find the Fall and Spring Enrichment Calendar here.  

What sessions are being offered in the Fall Semester?

You can review the 2024 Spring Enrichment Program session schedule  here . Please note that all sessions take place on Mondays in one convenient Maryville location. 

Who is involved with the Enrichment Program and how do they qualify?

The BHEA Enrichment Program is open to all BHEA members in good standing. 

How many weeks will the sessions meet?

Our Enrichment program will consist of 12 meetings. You can find the 2023-2024 Enrichment Calendar here.  

How much does this cost?

There is an Enrichment Program Registration Fee of $50 per family per year (whether you take part in one semester or two), plus fees that go to the individual instructor. You will find instructor fees by clicking on the session name to see the full description. Only member families are eligible to participate in the Enrichment Program. The membership fee is $30 per family per year (the "year" is actually 13 months, from June 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024). Because this fee is already so low, we do not prorate or offer refunds. 

Can I drop my kids off on their Enrichment Days?

No, not unless your child is over 16, can drive him/herself, and meets other requirements. As with all true co-ops, every family pitches in to make each Enrichment Day a success. So stay! Serve, chit chat, and find your tribe!

Is the Gear Up meeting mandatory?

Yes! Attendance at a Gear Up meeting is required for both new and returning members to maintain your child's place in sessions. These are scheduled every semester after Enrichment Session Signups take place, but before the first day of sessions. 

Please register to attend a Gear-Up using the BHEA calendar. You must be signed in to your BHEA account first. One adult from each household will need to attend the Gear-up. Children are welcome to attend but will need to stay with you throughout the meeting.

Questions? Email [email protected].

When can I register for the Enrichment Program?

Session signups for the 2024 Spring Enrichment Program will take place on November 30. Only those who have registered by the November 28 deadline may sign up for their individual sessions on the initial opening day, but after that you may register for the Enrichment Program at any time leading up to the start of sessions. Late additions to a session after the first meeting of the semester requires special permission of the instructor.

You must be logged in to see the registration form on the lefthand menu under "Enrichment Program", as well as to sign-up for individual sessions (separate process). Signups for the Fall Semester typically happen in May/June, and Spring Semester signups will take place (online) November 1. 

Questions? Contact the Enrichment Team at [email protected]

I'm sold! Where and how do I sign up?

AnchorSession signups are completed online through a process exclusive to new and renewing members who have registered and paid the Enrichment Program Registration Fee.

Here's how to sign up once that payment is processed.

1. Begin by logging on to your BHEA account via

2. Navigate to the correct semester session schedule, which can be found under the “Enrichment Program” tab.

3. Click on the class/FWC position that you wish to register for.

4. Once clicked, check the box for the person you'd like to register.

5. Then click register.

6. You will receive a message that registration is successful or that you have been placed on the waitlist.

You will also need to attend a Gear Up (informational) meeting if you are new to Enrichment. Those dates are TBA. If you are signing up after the last Gear Up meeting you see on the BHEA Calendar, email [email protected] for instructions.